Announce: Grafana Dashboards for JupyterHub on Kubernetes

Grafana dashboards are extremely useful when running JupyterHubs on Kubernetes - they help you see stats about your running cluster, and diagnostics for figuring out what is wrong when something does go wrong. However, folks often have to build these themselves, and they don’t get shared as much. Grafana doesn’t make it easy to store dashboards in version control either, so they can’t be bundled with z2jh.

I’ve spent some time extracting out useful Grafana dashboards from the UC Berkeley deployment, and published it in a form that can be used in other installations - GitHub - yuvipanda/jupyterhub-grafana: Grafana Dashboards useful for k8s + JupyterHub. It stores grafana dashboards as code, and makes it very easy to share dashboards between different installations.

It is written in jsonnet, which is fairly easy to pick up if you know JSON. Would love to get contributions both for cleaning up the current jsonnet, adding docs & new visuzliations.

See a quick demo:

Props to @consideRatio for suggesting this