Has anyone implemented JupyterHub dashboards to show usage / adoption / etc?

Many people deploying JupyterHubs for their institutions are likely doing so on behalf of some community, and at the request of someone higher up in the organization. For these people, they may benefit from generating usage / adoption reports of the hub, in order to advocate internally for why the hub should continue to get resources / attention / budget / etc.

I’m curious if anybody has heard of such a tool being developed for a JupyterHub. E.g., I’m curious how @manics or @arnim advocate for the JupyterHubs within their institutions.

If this thing doesn’t exist, anyone have thoughts on how one might build it? I think it could be quite useful!

Would the various grafana dashboards folks deploy be examples of this?

Maybe - I’m imagining something more like a “report” that you could quickly generate, print out and send elsewhere in the organization to someone who is not grafana savvy

Just a data point: in waiting for a proper deployment of a grafana dashboard, I
have setup recently a very crude dashboard for our JupyterHub@Paris-Saclay:


And indeed, even something that crude has already proven very helpful for
advocating for the service internally

So +1 for nice usage reports. Which presumably will mix narrative and
data visualization. Hmm. Smells like Notebooks?


@minrk: collecting KPI’s … bringing memories …

Currently, we don’t have any dedicated dashboard at GESIS beyond grafana (for internal use) and our (certainly with some potential to improve) gallery for public use. More general, my feeling is that quantitative assessments of usage numbers (while important) are only one part; being able to contribute to FAIR / reproducible research is seen imo at least as important.

@choldgraf To be more precise, we currently don’t do more than simple registred numberOfUsers for the JHub… but I can see that a more detailed reporting might be useful.