Unable to visualize Jupyterhub data on Graphana

Hi Guys, I have configured Prometheus and Graphana but the dashboard is still not displayed on Grafana.

The endpoint on Jupyterhub looks like this:


The config on Prometheus looks like this:

scrape_interval: 15s
scrape_timeout: 10s
evaluation_interval: 15s

  • static_configs:
    • targets: []
      scheme: http
      timeout: 10s
  • job_name: jupyter
    honor_timestamps: true
    scrape_interval: 15s
    scrape_timeout: 10s
    metrics_path: /hub/metrics
    scheme: https

The config on Grafana looks like this:

I have used this Jupyterhub dashboard - https://grafana.com/grafana/dashboards/5849

But the dashboard looks like this:

Hey Sanjay,

I took that dashboard (5849) and was able to see some data with it on my JupyterHub test deployment. Take a look at this guide, it’s what I used to get everything running.