[ANN] JupyterHub 1.0

JupyterHub 1.0 beta is out. You can help us make 1.0 a solid release by testing it out, reviewing documentation of new features, asking questions, etc.

You can test the beta with:

pip install --pre jupyterhub==1.0.*

Check out the change log for what’s new.

Thanks to the numerous folks who have contributed to this release.

Mod edit: JupyterHub 1.0 is now out! https://blog.jupyter.org/announcing-jupyterhub-1-0-8fff78acad7f


ooooh, exciting. been waiting for this… but have so much on my plate that I need to catch up with first. the temptation to play around will be hard to resist…

Do you have an idea of when the dockerspawner implementation will be ready? I use the docker-stacks architecture in my deployment (Math Dept at University of Colorado Denver).

Also, just noticed the date of the changelog post reads 2018 instead of 2019. =)


Good catch! It’ll likely be final in April anyway, since that’s only a few days away. Would you like to make a PR with the correction?

The docker-stacks will update to 1.0 when it is stable, but you can always use:

FROM jupyter/scipy-stack:tag
RUN pip install --pre 'jupyterhub==1.0.*'

to make a custom image that has the latest jupyterhub. DockerSpawner 0.11 which shipped earlier this month should fully support jupyterhub 1.0, including the internal SSL encryption features.

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Submitted (I’ve never done an edit and PR right through Github, but it seemed simple enough to warrant trying it out rather than pulling a copy locally). Hope I did it right!

And thanks for that snippet! I’ll make sure to try it out (I locked dockerspawner to 0.10 after it broke during a build, saw the suggestion in issues and haven’t gotten around to un-locking it since).


Great news! What is the target version of Z2JH chart for integrating with JH 1.0.x?

That’ll presumably be 0.9 (next major release) since it is in master now.

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Understood. Thank you!

This looks great :slight_smile: Any idea of how close a full release may be?

Beta testing has gone well, I think it’s ready for release this week or next.


JupyterHub 1.0 is out now!


just to clarify, if I change
to “1.0”, it’ll work?