[ANN] a new binder gallery

There is a new binder gallery on GESIS Notebooks: https://notebooks.gesis.org/gallery/

Popular Repositories table is dynamically updated whenever a launch happens on GESIS binder. GESIS binder uses a patched version of Event Logging, so it makes a post request to gallery app which saves the event into a database. Clicking a row on the table displays description of the repo (but only github repos) if available.

Repos in Created by GESIS and Featured Projects tables are manual selections of GESIS people.

When you open the gallery, you will see that there is a dropdown list of binders (GESIS, mybinder.org and Pangeo). Selecting a binder updates badge urls, so users can launch a repo from the gallery on preffered binder. The selection is also saved into a cookie.

And here is some of what we plan to do soon:

Repo of the gallery: https://github.com/gesiscss/binder_gallery


This is very cool!

Is it easy to adjust it so it computes the “popular repos” once a day (or so)?

Whoah, that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing this w/ the community!

I’d love to have something similar for this on mybinder.org too - especially if it can highlight other BinderHubs in the ecosystem as well!


I am not sure if I understand your question correctly but let me explain it in detail:

Each lunch on GESIS Binder is saved in a database (each database entry has the same data as each line of archives of mybinder analytics events).

When you open the gallery, you see that there are 5 tabs under Popular Repos: Last 24 Hours, Last week, Last 30 days, Last days and All time. For example for last 24 hours, from database we get launches happened in last 24 hours, count number of launches per repo and order them.

Soon we will also have an API and one endpoint will be something like /api/popuplar_repos/<from_datetime>/<to_datetime> and it will be possible to get popular repos of a specific day.

Note: Tabs for last 30 days and 60 days have the same data right now, because the new gallery is up since 10.05.2019.

This is awesome!

I am wondering - would you be open to publishing events from the GESIS binder to archive.analytics.mybinder.org? We should add an ‘origin’ field, and have this be a nice aggregate space. I have a local patch that is a WIP towards this - we need this for the OVH cluster anyway. It is fairly minimal work both for us and you.


yes, we are open to do that :slight_smile:

Do you mean that we send events to your StackDriver and your analytics-publisher makes archives and publish them or ? I think we also need permissions to do that.

yup! The idea being we’ll make you a scoped service key that lets you send events to our stackdriver, and then our analytics-publisher can continue doing its job. We’ll add an ‘origin’ field to the event schema to make sure we know where it comes from. How does that sound?

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that’s a good plan :slight_smile:

With the new version of gallery we have a table for the Binder Federation (Popular repositories of last week) on GESIS Notebooks. The data is parsed from mybinder.org events archive. The archive is parsed and so the table is updated every hour. And this the page you can find all launches happened on Binder Federation in last week: https://notebooks.gesis.org/gallery/mybinder/7d/


Btw @yuvipanda I created an issue about sending GESIS Binder events to mybinder StackDriver. I hope this is the good way to proceed about it :slight_smile:

This looks super cool!

One request: can you update the drop down menu to only offer “mybinder.org” as launch location instead of the individuals clusters? We want to prevent as much as possible people relying on any particular cluster (via bookmarking, sharing links, etc.)

Thanks for reminding, I already wanted to do it since federation is there. So now I updated the dropdown to only have mybinder.org.


amazing! we should link to it from somewhere in docs.mybinder.org!

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