A tool to parse and visualize binder launch events

I was learning ReacJS and Material UI and then I came up with an idea to do a project to visualize binder launch events with using them. As a result I ended up with https://github.com/bitnik/binder-launches which contains

  1. a script to parse binder launch events and save into TimescaleDB

  2. a frontend to visualize launches using React with Material-UI which is backed by Express.js

Thanks a lot to @MridulS for his contirbutions and also him and @arnim for deploying it at GESIS Notebooks! So there is now a running instance: https://notebooks.gesis.org/binderlaunches/

Here are some examples:

I hope you find it useful and any feedback or contribution is very welcome!


There is also @betatim’s datasette of mybinder.org launches and the GESIS NBs Gallary, but none of these seem to be built particularly with the end-user in mind, so fare :wink:

@bitnik this has already been super helpful in reporting the impact of the Turing cluster back to various research programmes that support it - THANK YOU! :pray:t2::rocket::hibiscus:

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This is super cool!

The datasette based page has been out of action since a few weeks (months?) because the DB got too big for the free hosting on heroku. I think I’ll take it down now/replace it with a message pointing to Binder Launches :tada: