Using for a NEUBIAS event with large attendance

Hi everyone,

I have been using mybinder for some time now for demos and it’s absolutely great, so first of all thanks for the great work!

In the frame of a European project ( I’m giving a remote course on image processing using Python, and I made the whole course runnable both on Binder and Google Colab ( Participants are supposed to look at the notebooks between two webinar sessions on 7th of May and 13th of May. As several hundred participants are expected, I’m worried about two things: 1. that the repository would get banned because of large traffic, and 2. that we might hit the 100 concurrent session limit.

Is there anything to do about that ? Maybe @betatim knows ?



good luck with the webinars and fingers crossed! For one off/time limited events we can usually raise the limit.

Could you please create a new issue to help us keep track of this? In the issue please mention:

  • who you are,
  • a bit of details about the event/course/context,
  • if money is changing hands (attendees pay a fee, speaker is getting paid, free, etc)
  • a link to the repository you are using,
  • what type of event it is (a talk, a workshop, lecture course, training session)
  • how many people you expect to attend the event,
  • the exact times and dates of the event(s) (with timezone information)

That would be great as it gives us all the information we need to make a decision and set things up. It also allows us to track our impact which will be useful when we report to those who fund or seek new funding.


Thanks for the rapid answer! I created now an new issue on GitHub. And sorry for the late notice. It’s the first time I use Binder for a large scale event, and it only yesterday suddenly occurred to me this might be an issue.

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