Access to local folders

Bye! I’m using 3DSlicer on Jupyter via the SlicerJupyter extension. Through myBinder I created a link to share the notebook, however, when I try to upload files to slicer, only the github folders are displayed. Is there the possibility to have access to the folders of the pc, that is the local folders?

Hi! (and BinderHub in general) run your singleuser servers in remote containers, so there’s no access to your local folders unless you upload them though JupyterLab.

You could try installing and running the extension locally on your own computer?

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I would need to share the notebook with multiple users without having to install the extension locally on all computers.

I’m assuming you cannot share this notebook via online links? Another alternative is you distribute the notebook to the others ahead of time? Or if it is a folder of notebooks, as the title implies, archive it as a bundle (often stated as ‘compress this folder’ in a personal computer’s GUI) and step through with them unpacking it.

There’s other alternatives that can be MyBinder-like that offer more privacy, depending on factors. Like run the Littlest JupyterHub to share access to sessions they can use with them? If you are a scientist, you can use CyVerse. In the way past I made cloned cheap virtual machines on Amazon that had the same environment and files and gave them keys to login and then trashed all the instances at the end.

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