Integration of 3D slicer notebook in JupyterHub

With jupyter hub, I am trying to integrate 3D slicer, which can be accessed by multiple user.
Since slicer-notebook is single user instance , where multiple user end up seeing same session. So, in order to provide different session for different user, our goal is to integrate 3D slicer notebook in Jupyter Hub.
Currently, I found we have only Python notebook available, not Slicer.
I would like to know if it is feasible to bring 3D slicer in Jupyter Hub, which can be used by multiple user having their own session

Iā€™m not familiar with 3D slicer, however it looks like they have a example:

This runs the notebook in a Docker container, so you could setup something similar using JupyterHub instead of BinderHub, using a Docker image built from that repo.

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