How do I host notebooks for users to use concurrently

I would like to have a server to host Jupyter Notebooks code that is kept in a private GitHub repository.
It should allow users to run instances of available notebooks and not affect each other if they use the same one. Additional I would like the code to keep in sync with the latest revision on the main git branch.

Can you point me in the right direction, please? Does Jupyter Hub allow for the above, sharing notebooks between users and synchronising with code repository?


Most of what you describe is covered by deploying your own BinderHub, which is a customized JupyterHub combined with repo2docker.

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Thank you for a quick reply! I will look through the links.
Does it mean that standard Jupyter Hub or the Littlest Jupyter Hub are not suitable for my requirements?

A standard JupyterHub doesn’t have that ability out-of-the-box; however, you probably want to read this discussion thread ‘Building a “The Littlest BinderHub”’ about more related options.

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