Why can't I access jupyter notebook from browser even though no errors when running?

I apologize if this is isn’t in the right thread.
I am new to jupyter and I have been tasked to set up a playground for our users.
I am using jupyter, but customised for a different programming language.

I tried following the instructions here to set it up:

Works fine. I don’t get any errors, but I cannot access/see the notebook when I use the links specified.

important to mention I am running this jupyter notebook in a remote environment (in a data center) and I am trying to access from my local browser.

We have aliases in place to access the remote machine.

usually a https://ALIAS:PORT/ allows me to see stuff in my browser

I cannot comment as to why your aliases don’t work because I haven’t ever used that in the mix.
As to how to access it when it is running on a remote machine, you should set a SSH tunnel so the port forwarding is active. See here for guidance on that.
If you get it working, perhaps deconstructing will inform you why just aliases wasn’t cutting it.


that’s what i meant. the aliases work fine. it’s not a problem with that and it definitely isn’t the ssh tunneling.

anything else i can do to debug this ?

from the screenshot, does it look like it works ?