Where to find the latest documentation on the notebook format?

I found the The Jupyter Notebook Format page on an outdated version of the documentation but I can’t seem to find the same information on the new documentation that it links to…


When I try to do a search on this site it seems to get stuck and doesn’t return results. Could someone help me get unstuck?

Thank you for the help!

The current format can be found here and here. Your first link is about version 3 and the current version is 5.9.


Thank you for your quick reply. The link just includes a highlighted portion of the text from the website that says the documentation is outdated.

Here is the link to the original site without the highlight.


Edit: your first link leads to a 404. I think it has an extra “i” at the end of it.

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Thanks. I have fixed it in my post above.

Note that what you are seeing at that legacy page at The Jupyter Notebook Format — IPython 3.2.1 documentation is because historically the IPython Notebook was developed as part of IPython. Later the IPython Notebook portion of the IPython project was separated out and became the Jupyter project. For a while it was just Jupyter Notebook, yet has been expanded on to JupyterLab, JupyterHub, JupyterLite, etc… So it is more accurately the Jupyter Project or ecosystem at this point.
Anyway when that portion of IPython got separated out, the corresponding portion of the documentation was no longer getting updated in later IPython documentation updates because it was no longer maintained and developed there. When you follow the link at the top of https://ipython.org/ipython-doc/3/notebook/nbformat.html that says ‘You can find docs for newer versions here’ and don’t find a corresponding updated page, you are seeing a side effect of that uncoupling.

The complement of that uncoupling is sort of represented on the page The Jupyter Notebook Format — nbformat 5.9 documentation , towards the bottom, because it just list versions back to 4.0. If you click on that 4.0 at the bottom there (to end up here), you’ll see it notes for 4.0 ‘The first release of nbformat as its own package’ and you’ll see if you click through to the GitHub link it is under the Jupyter project.

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