Jupyter Community Workshop - Notebook file format

Hello jovyans,

I’m very glad to announce a new in-person Jupyter Workshop focusing on the notebook file format. This is an opportunity for various stakeholders to push forward the format while preserving its reusability in as many applications as possible.

The workshop will be held in Paris (France) from February 28th to March 2nd 2023.

Application and more details can be found in the blog post: Jupyter Community Workshop: The notebook file format | by Frédéric Collonval | Dec, 2022 | Jupyter Blog

Feel free to share the blog post.


I urge the community to consider adding a specification for a WYSIWYG cell. It would contain HTML compatible definitions of what to display and recommend triggering the loading of one of the Javascript WYSIWYG editors. I think that would make notebooks useful for more people in the long term. I also think this would be better than extensions to the markdown format.

A number years ago, I spent some time working towards this using the Quill editor in classic Jupyter. Although I got something working I was unable to interest anybody in extending the notebook format. Might people be interested in reconsidering?

The Jupyter Workshop on notebook format is extending its application deadline for in-person attendance to January 16th, 2023. And it will be possible to attend remotely.
In any case, please fill that form.

Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately, the time shift would put me completely out of sync with the classes I have to teach. My early classes would also overlap the last part of each day.

I do not think it would be practical for me to attend fully, even as a virtual attendee. We might be able to arrange a specific time for me to take part in a discussion on a WYSIWYG cell between or before my classes, but it is not practical for me to take part in the full workshop.