Proposed-JEP: Investigate alternate, optional file formats

Hi all–

As a follow on to this - Jupyter and GitHub - alternative file format

I’ve created a Google Doc to discuss the issue in greater detail.

Feel free to comment but I’d really rather you didn’t. If you had a change, then just make it. If you comment, I’m not core to Jupyter, I really don’t feel comfortable responding and really don’t have an SLA around responding. If you really want to discuss anything long, this is really the place to do it.

I know there have been a bunch of folks comment - @minrk, @willingc, @choldgraf, @betatim, @saulshanabrook - and other’s I’ve missed, PLEASE let us know what we can do better!


At the end of two weeks (Friday 2020-07-17 EST), I’ll be moving this up to a proper JEP. I’d love to get your feedback before then!


Thanks David for writing this up, and for starting a public conversation. I’ll take a look in the coming days and give some of my own thoughts etc.

A quick note: 2 weeks may not be enough time for folks around the community to digest and think. For example, many of the jupyterhub teams meet once a month (e.g. the jupyterhub meeting is just under two weeks from now). That said, I get that this is just the beginning of a JEP so maybe it’s not such a big deal.

Also wanna ping @Zsailer, @MSeal, @kevin-bates, @lresende, @blink1073 who may also be interested in this conversation.

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Tagging a few more folks @captainsafia @jhamrick @takluyver @ivanov @fperez @labarba @lheagy


ah should also ping @vidartf as he has done a ton of the work in nbdime

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Totally thought he was already looped into the discussion. Thanks for pinging Vidar directly.

@aronchick I would suggest making suggest the default edit permission. I went in and accidentally resolved a bunch of comments. Apparently E is the shortcut to do that… sorry all.

I think I re-opened all the ones I closed

I appreciate that :slight_smile:

Honestly, this isn’t my document. Making it suggest only puts me on the blocking path, and no one else would own. So it’s going to have to be this way for a while :frowning:

Has the document moved? When I click the link above or the notifications in my email I get a page asking me to ask for access :-/


Heya all!

I’m putting access to the doc on temporary hold to prevent a race condition while I convert it to markdown, and upload it as a discussion doc (not a JEP) to the Jupyter site so that we can address some of the concerns folks brought up around tracking comments, making it available for people all over the world, etc. Hope that’s ok!


I think the document was removed. @aronchick was the document owner I believe. Though, I believe in his earlier messages that the document was going to be up until 7/17 and that he didn’t view it as his document.

I’m assuming the access was removed in error when transcribing to markdown. @aronchick, can you restore access to all of the comments? There were a lot of great content in the document from a number of community members and it would be a shame to lose them. Given that some of the comments were quite lengthy and nuanced, restoring the actual Google doc would be helpful.


Based on the comments in the doc, the community felt that we should move to git as quickly as possible, especially because of concerns about timing, resolving of comments, etc.

I’m in the midst of pulling everything over into markdown, including comments. Unfortunately, while the rough outline is there from automated tools, the comments most of the complicated formatting requires hand transcoding, which I’m doing now.

I apologize for the delay

Quick question, is there a way that I can submit this so that a) I am not the owner (It would be inappropriate for me to go through and resolve comments and such) and b) is there a place I could submitted where it would be appropriate for discussion, but not as a formal JEP yet?

There was a lot of really good discussion that, in my opinion, should be explored before we make it a JEP. But, as always, I’m an outsider to this community and am happy to defer to what you all decide.

There are two options where you can open a PR for discussion:

  1. jupyter/ideas
  2. jupyter/enhancement-proposals

Since you mention that you want discussion before a formal JEP, I would recommend jupyter/ideas and iterations could be done there. It’s fine that you open the PR against that repo. The alternative would be to open a WIP PR on jupyter/enhancement-proposals.

Often, when iterating, we’ll include screenshots of the original comments so that the history is not lost when moving from one editing tool to another.

cc/ @choldgraf @betatim @minrk Does this work for you?

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Sounds good Carol.

I left my suggestion for what to work on next (create a list off features that are in and out of scope) in the issue on the JEP repo. I think this should be done by someone who has a need for changing the fformat as they have a better idea of what it is they need.

Thank you @willingc! Terrific suggestion - I was actually going further and copying the text over so that everyone could leverage it - but converting it to HTML comments.

I’m sure we’ll go through several iterations here - I’m just hoping to help.