What do `NB_UID` and `NB_GID` mean in `DockerFile` in `docker-stacks-foundation`?

There are two ARG NB_UID and NB_GID in the DockerFile of docker-stacks-foundation(in line 12) image. Can I change them so that the user jovyan can have all the previleges that root user have?

If I need to the user jovyan to be able to use the command chroot, what should I do? I’ve tried fakechroot, setcap etc… and still cannot achive my goal. So the only way I thought should be to change the capacity of user jovyan through the dockerfile. Anyone can help me?
Actually, I’m trying to give the user jovyan the same privileges as the root user, but it seems more complicated.

You can add joyvan user to sudoers file to give root privilesges. Include something like echo "joyvan ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL" >> /etc/sudoers in the image.