Altering Docker stacks to switch from the jovyan user/ set permissions, for Zero to Jupyterhub with Kubernetes

Hi, I see that the notebook image allow changing the user and its home directory. I am struggling to reproduce that in my kubespawner_override (using the 0.9.1 Helm chart).
I can set uid and gid to 0 and add args: - “—allow-root” to get root access, working_dir to create a home folder, but that doesn’t give me ownership / set my home directory variable.
I tried using environment to set the dockerstacks NB_USER but that doesn’t work.
Could you please post a working kubespawner_override configuration that does end up with another user than jovyan AND a working home dir?
Can you also do that with a numeric uid?

Config is:
¦ uid: 0
¦ gid: 0
¦ args:
¦ - ‘–allow-root’
¦ working_dir: ‘/home/galaxy’
¦ environment:
¦ NB_USER: galaxy

I end up as root in /home/galaxy but my $HOME is jovyan