Web interface looks misconfigured depending on load balancer IP address being used

Bit of an odd question but I have noticed that if I use two different static IP addresses as an external load balancer in GCP the web interface looks misconfigured in one but not the other.

When the IP starts with 34.x this is what the interface looks like.

When the IP starts with 104.x this is the interface.

Any reason why the IP address being changed would lead to this? Both addresses were created in GCP.

Can you check for errors in the web inspector console? My guess is that static resources (CSS, possibly also javascript) are being rejected, possibly due to a cross-site something. The errors should help us figure out what might need to change.

Hi, I tried to replicate the incorrectly formatted site with the 104.x IP and went through the inspect console. Here are the errors I came across.

ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT suggests an ad/tracking blocker is incorrectly preventing the load of scripts. Try identifying which extension is blocking the site and adding it to the allowed sites list.