Fixed IP address in Azure

New to Jupyterhub on Kubernetes on AZURE - but have successfully setup scaling k8s and vnet/subnet added a load balancer connected to my fixed IP.

Helm chart deploys perfectly without fixed public IP. Unfortunately, I need a fixed IP to associate the DNS name.

I cannot get the IP address to fix to the Jupyterhub instance.

If I use "

secretToken: “lotsaletters”
cookieSecret: “lotsaletterstoo”


 # loadBalancerIP: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX # note real IP address used/

a: b

I get the dreaded “Pending” message.

If I identify the subnet in the load balancer I can get the IP address to appear - but it is not connected to the ingress of jupyterhub.

I have tried everything over the last few days without success.

Has anyone achieved this on AZURE and could share a step by step it would make me happy and probably many more!