JupyterHub Not Loading Up with Given External-IP| K8s | Helm

I have a bare metal setup with MetalLB and nfs-subdir via helm (source). I am using k8s v1.20.5 with one master and two worker nodes. I installed JupyterHub with Helm, setting the secretkey and readjusted the allocated volume. On run, the pods look fine but when I use the external-ip to run JupyterHub the page keeps loading infinitely. I have done the following:

kubectl describe pods <name of the jupyterHub pod>

which gives me:

  Type    Reason     Age   From               Message
  ----    ------     ----  ----               -------
  Normal  Scheduled  17m   default-scheduler  Successfully assigned default/hub-6d785f96b5-xs7pr to worker-2
  Normal  Pulled     17m   kubelet            Container image "jupyterhub/k8s-hub:1.2.0" already present on machine
  Normal  Created    17m   kubelet            Created container hub
  Normal  Started    17m   kubelet            Started container hub

The volume is also being created on the nfs store and on deleting the jupyterhub pod it is being archived. So that is working fine (I guess). I have created nginx deployment with helm and that works fine. The jupyterHub external-ip however, keeps loading infinitely with no errors.

Any help on how to solve this is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I think this has been asked about in JupyterHub not launching on Helm | K8s - #3 by savvy98 already, and on stack overflow, and on github. I’m confused that this is a separate question.

Please help out to minimize the time needed to be invested by other users to help you, and one way to do that is to not have multiple locations that needs to be followed up with the latest information on the issue.

I consider this a duplicate at this point.