Wrong static url and api url in JupyterLab using yarn web proxy

I want to use JupyterLab in Hadoop machine through Docker. I configure YARN web proxy to access specific machine in specific cluster, and the proxy format just like ‘CLUSTERNAME.gbl:81/proxy/nodemanager/MACHINE_ID/PORT’.
When I run a jupyter docker in a machine and I open the port 30001 for jupyter, I can visit the jupyter page in this machine without web proxy. But I can’t load the css or html file when I try to use my local computer to visit jupyter by web proxy.
For example, I try to visit the url ‘testmachine.gbl:81/proxy/nodemanager/TEST1943/30001/lab’, and I find out the requests of static file and some jupyter api are wrong, they were like ‘testmachine.gbl:81/static/…’(they are all 404 in console) but not ‘testmachine.gbl:81/proxy/nodemanager/TEST1943/30001/static/…’(I think this should be right) So I can only see some button and text on the browser. Only the ‘lab’ request url is right, so I still can’t use jupyter in a remote machine.
I tried to change base_url, static_path and some url config to fix this, but it doesn’t work. Please give some help or advice for me, it blocked my work for a long time. Thanks!!!