User UI questions

I am having jupyterhub running on kubernetes.

Two questions about the image upper:

  • I am missing a button to logout once I am here or on inside a notebook. Do I am missing something ? How I can easily disconnect from this page ?

  • For the user image, I am building a custom image with my own conda env in it. I have three kernels displayed in the Notebook section :

    • pip default one
    • conda myEnvironment
    • conda default one

Also they all started with Python [conda …] so it is very hard to know what each one are doing.
Do you know how to remove the default kernels or how to change the icon to recognize immediately which one is the custom one ?

Thank you for your help

All of theses questions / remarks are silly ! My bad I was just using by mystake a very old minimal_jupyter image. By using the most recent on, I have indeed a button to logout in the menu and the display for kernel is correct and visible !
Sorry !

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Indeed, the logout button is part of the Jupyterlab image, so the most recent one you have, the more functionality it has.

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