Not able to remove python3 kernel, jupyterhub version 3.0.0

Hello all,

I am new to JupyterHub deployment on K8s. I followed this guide to successfully deploy an instance on GCP.

I have been trying out many possible customizations. There are a number of things that I can’t figure out. Can someone help please?

I am trying to remove the python3 kernel. In config.yaml, I have tried these options but none works.

- “–KernelSpecManager.ensure_native_kernel=False”


extraConfig: |
c.KernelSpecManager.whitelist = {‘my_kernel’}
c.Spawner.args = [“–KernelSpecManager.ensure_native_kernel=False”]

jupyterlab: |
# remove Python kernel
c.Spawner.args = [“–KernelSpecManager.ensure_native_kernel=False”]
c.KernelSpecManager.whitelist = {‘kotlin’}

It used to work with helm 0.9.0/app 1.1.0.
I am now trying out helm 2.0.0/app 3.0.0 and none of these no longer works.

Can someone help please? It is much appreciated.

This sounds like a singleuser configuration issue, so you should be able to investigate this by running your singleuser image without JupyterHub- hopefully this makes it easier to work out the configuration. For instance, do you see the expected behaviour when you run your singleuser container with those arguments?