How to remove duplicate Kernel and Console Buttons From Launcher

Hi Everyone
I need help on how to remove what I think are duplicate buttons on the Launcher.
I followed the following instructions on how to enable the ability to persist user’s conda environments

I’m using the jupyter/r-noteboot:hub-3.1.1 as my starting point and the additional button (with the label [conda env: root]) started showing up after I built my own image with nb_conda_kernels

My Dockerfile is as follow:

# Use the official jupyter/r-notebook image as the base
FROM jupyter/r-notebook:hub-3.1.1

# set user to ROOT to install nb_conda_kernels
USER root

# Install nb_conda_kernels to support multiple conda user environments in Jupyter
RUN conda install -c conda-forge nb_conda_kernels

# Set the working directory
WORKDIR /home/jovyan

# Set user to jovyan user
USER jovyan

# Create a directory to store the user's conda environments
RUN mkdir -p /home/jovyan/my-conda-envs

# Create a .condarc file with the specified content
RUN echo "envs_dirs:\n  - /home/jovyan/my-conda-envs/" > /home/jovyan/.condarc

# Install Python libraries using pip
RUN pip install numpy scipy pandas matplotlib scikit-learn biopython

# Install R packages
RUN R -e "install.packages(c('ggplot2', 'dplyr', 'tidyr', 'readr', 'purrr', 'tibble', 'stringr', 'forcats'), repos='')"

Thank You

I don’t want to be nitpicky, but consoles and notebooks are two different things.

Anyway, this extension groups console and notebook under one icon.