User able to re-login without providing credentials after logout (Azure AD authenticator)

This is a follow-up of a discussion started in GitHub. The original question is:

I set up the Azure AD authenticator. The login process is working fine, but if the user logs out, although he is redirected to the landing page with the “Sign in with Azure AD” orange button, clicking on the button immediately takes the user back to his environment, without him having to provide his credentials again. It seems the only way for the user to get a full logout is by closing the browser.
Is this the expected behavior?

And the answer is that this is expected since logging out the user from a SSO authenticator may be disruptive. But in my case I happen to have the right logout URL with the client ID, in the format[JUPYTERHUB_URL]&client_id=[CLIENT_ID].

Is there a way to make JupyterHub redirect the user to that URL after he hits Logout?