Getting redirected to login page again after being authenticated via Azure AD

I have setup jupyterhub on EKS following the guide - Zero to JupyterHub with Kubernetes — Zero to JupyterHub with Kubernetes documentation.

I configured AzureAd authentication. My config.yaml looks as below-

I am redirecting to this url after authentication -
https://unified-analytics-my-<> and this url is also registered with AzureAD.

The load balancer external IP is mapped to -https://unified-analytics-my-<>

When i am hitting url - https://unified-analytics-my-<>
I am presented with AzureAD login, after i am authenticated by AzureAD i get redirected back to the same login screen. Although the oauth_callback_url is set to redirect me to home page - https://unified-analytics-my-<>

I know AzureAD authentication is happening correctly as i tried redirecting to some random website. It’s redirecting me there after authentication.

It looks like you’ve set your oauth callback to the JupyterHub home page. It needs to be set to the authenticator’s handler /hub/oauth_callback in order to complete the authentication process:

@manics Thanks working now, other issue was i was using secret-id instead of secret value from AzureAd