The little jupyter hub OAuthenticator by AzureAD

I am trying to implement AzureAD Authenticator on littlest jupyterhub.
Configured the AzureAD OAuthenticator to use my client ID, client secret and callback URL with the following commands

sudo tljh-config set auth.AzureAdOAuthenticator.tenant_id 'my_tenant_id'  
 sudo tljh-config set auth.AzureAdOAuthenticator.client_id 'my_client_id'  
 sudo tljh-config set auth.AzureAdOAuthenticator.client_secret 'my_client_secret'  
 sudo tljh-config set auth.AzureAdOAuthenticator.oauth_callback_url 'https://my_url/hub/oauth_callback'  
 sudo tljh-config set auth.type oauthenticator.azuread.AzureAdOAuthenticator  
 sudo tljh-config reload  

After executing these commands, it stops in the following state.

ubuntu@ip-*-*-*-*:~$ sudo tljh-config reload

Is authentication by AzureAD already supported? Or is there a problem with the command?

I’ve got exactly the same issue. Were you able to find a solution?