Use pypy as default python version

Is it possible to launch mybinder to use pypy as the default version of python? If so how do you do it.

Yes, it should be possible as the example here shows.

Current result from launching that notebook from the gist and running the code to show the version is PyPy 7.3.7:

'3.7.12 | packaged by conda-forge | (44db2626, Oct 29 2021, 16:13:40)\n[PyPy 7.3.7 with GCC 9.4.0]'

The pertinent gist.

Launch with pypy directly to the example noteback backed py pypy.

All credits to Nick (@bollwyvl /bollwyvl (Nicholas Bollweg) · GitHub) for that gist.

Interestingly, I learned of that gist repo from here, which credits the one above as a guide for using pypy, however, launching from the main branch using the launch badge there at this time doesn’t seem to result in pypy now.


Thanks, I got pypy to work now in mybinder.

for my github repository.

I made small changes to use jupyterlab3.x instead of jupyterlab2.x in the original environment-pypy.yml file.

I was going to mention that the version NIck had hasn’t been updated in two years. Glad to do hear it was easy to make it use JupyterLab version 3. And thanks for posting the link to your version so that others can benefit.

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