Uploading a csv

Good morning everyone, I am working on Jupiter Nootebook to analyze some logs. Unfortunatelly I cannot install the application on my PC so I need to work online.
The csv File I’m working with counts 40 000 rows on excel but, when I upload it on my nootebook the rows are only 5 000. Some data are missing and I cannot understand why.
The csv dimension are 4,54 MB. Do you know if there is a limit or what my problem might be? thank you for your help

I am wondering if you might be running into this?

You’ll note in the post I referenced the person clearly described what type of situation they have for Jupyter. You didn’t do that in your post above. There’s a lot of ways to use Jupyter while working online, which is all the information you provided in your first paragraph. For example you could spin up a super large cloud computing system from one of the many commercial suppliers and install JupyterLab there and then log into that from your local machine.

If you are using JupyterLite, I suggest you’d have an easier time using a typical, full python kernel online, and not the Pyodide-based one. I detail here how you can use a temporary system served via the MyBinder service to achieve that.