Updating an Old Install of Jupyter/Anaconda

Greetings! New to the Forum here, so - if I am pointing my questions in the wrong direction - please feel free to redirect.

I’ve been using a version of Jupyter that came with Anaconda. It runs in Win10. Most of the python modules work, but I have a few glitches here and there. Nothing major. But tonight I found some of the modules are a bit outdated, and I was thinking of updating them. That called to light a potentially bigger problem, since Anaconda and Jupyter seem a bit old too.

I’d like to update everything, including Anaconda, Jupyter, Python and all my modules. I was thinking a clean install might work best, but then I realized I might lose a lot of my work if I did that… ?

I can post more detailed info, if need be, but the problem I am trying to solve covers a lot of different modules. SciPy, PyQT, PoketSphinx, pyaudio, python-vlc, some matplotlib derivative plugins, etc - just to name a few… These problems have accumulated over time, but they are getting to be too numerous at this point.

Would a whole new upgraded install of anaconda’s recent version help? And, if so, how do I protect my work?