Unable to edit Jupyter Notebook keyboard shortcuts

I just installed Anaconda on my new Windows 10 computer, and want to add some additional keyboard shortcuts to Jupyter Notebook. However, when I try to edit the shortcuts I get a blank box in which I cannot enter anything. I looked online for a solution and the only other example I could find of this suggested doing ‘conda update jupyter’ but when I did that, I got another error about conflicting packages and having to downgrade a couple of items. All I want to do is make some new shortcuts. Any suggestions or insight into this problem would be greatly appreciated. I have included screenshots of what the Edit Shortcut box looks like and the warnings I received in the powershell prompt.

With a bit of research, I determined that the custom build issue was not going to cause me a problem in this situation, so I went ahead and updated Jupyter, then was able to edit the keyboard shortcuts.