Tsai gives an error

I’m getting this error from tsai.ipynb from this tsai main zip

dataset id

dsid = ‘NATOPS’

X, y, splits = get_UCR_data(dsid, return_split=False)

X.shape, y.shape, splits

It has not been possible to download the required files

AttributeError Traceback (most recent call last)
Cell In[9], line 4
2 dsid = ‘NATOPS’
3 X, y, splits = get_UCR_data(dsid, return_split=False)
----> 4 X.shape, y.shape, splits

AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘shape’

What you include has the likely source of the issue stated in plain text:

It has not been possible to download the required files

After the code triggering that note runs and fails, anything being executed after is going to have an issue doing any of the next steps because the files weren’t retrieved.
If you run the individual lines one at a time as part of your own trouble-shooting that would probably be revealed to you.

Additionally, the repository where you are working from, which is here, has the notebook you are trying to work through already run and so you can view what you should see and then compare to what you see for another way to troubleshoot this yourself. You can see that cell clearly shown as what it should do when you view the static view of the pre-run notebook here.

And others have reported the issue to the developers here and possibly here. With the later maybe having the correct address to get the data and bypass the issue, but you’d have to investigate yourself.

More importantly, this post is not pertinent to this forum. This is either a network, change in the specific source of data, and/or Python issue. If you ran this code in a more traditional Python script that you trigger on the command line, you’d likely have the same issue you are encountering now. Therefore it is not an issue with Jupyter.