Troubleshooting jupyterhub - ubuntu server 18.04 LTS

Hi, I have successfully installed jupyterhub in my ubuntu server.

Jupyterhub is listening … screen shot

sk@dzlenovo:/etc$ sudo jupyterhub

[I 2022-01-16 02:44:26.834 JupyterHub app:3084] Hub API listening on
02:44:26.837 [ConfigProxy] info: 200 GET /api/routes

This machine IP is and hence when I use url I get the following message in the browser. Any tips to troubleshoot?

This site can’t be reached

Is that port open on your remote machine’s security?
Are you connecting to it on a network that has that port allowed? My institution’s firewall commonly blocks a ton of stuff on the web, and so I have to use ssh tunnel to connect when I am at work. From home, I can connect directly without needing ssh tunnel to bridge.

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