How to access API from jupyterhub server

I have a setup where jupyterhub is running on a server, behind nginx with SSL (and client SSL auth).

It all works fine - the jupyterhub service shows
--ip --port 8999 --api-ip --api-port 8001

The hub_ip is set to the subnet IP of the server (e.g. 10.x.x.x) and the hub_port is 8085

However, I’m unsure of how/unable to access the API to do some administrative thing.

I’ve been trying using requests.get and most combination of URLs such as give me a Not found. But I’ve tried a lot of a lot of URLs with no luck. What can I use?

Note: If I use the front-end url (e.g. ) I do get the version of jupyterhub but none of the follow on end points (e.g. info) work. I don’t want to use the front end if possible since client SSL would be needed.

So in short - how can I access the API if I’m on the server jupyterhub is running?