Square Root symbol displaying incorrectly in Lab, fine in Notebook

Hey guys -

I’ve been using Notebook for a while now, but I thought I’d try out Lab and mock-up a sample notebook. I seem to be having an issue with the square root symbol in Markdown showing… in a weird way.

I’ve simplified what I was doing to just summing some squares inside a root, and I’m doing that with:
$\sqrt{(7-1)^2 + (6-0)^2 + (9-0)^2 + (4-1)^2}$

I’m using Anaconda on Win 10, and if I open Notebooks and then my book, I see the root displayed as I’d expect. I can’t post it since I’m a new forum user and only get 1 image :slight_smile: Anyway, it’s a continuous square root symbol

If I then open up Lab, then the same notebook, I get this odd formatting of the root symbol with a break in it, like this:

Doesn’t seem to matter if I use Chrome or Edge, and my Lab version is 3.0.11

Has anyone come across this, or know if it’s expected behavior?


It’s not expected behavior. It seems that something is messed up with MathJax in your installation. Do you have errors in the browser Javascript console?

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