Problem with latex in jupyter lab markdown cell

Dear all. Dear all, I don’t quite understand why, if I write in a jupyter lab markdown cell “$$P(A|B) = \frac {P(A \cap B)}{P(B)}$$” , when executed, the formula is displayed. However, if I write this text, "In conditional probability problems, when we directly count on starting probability data, the following formula is very useful.

 $$P(A|B) = \frac {P(A \cap B)}{P(B)}$$

", with the same formula, executing does not present the formula but this same latex code. I would appreciate your help.

Did you try running it again? Previous versions of JupyterLab had the problem that it would alternate between typesetting the equation or not. At least on Safari. That seems to be gone with JupyterLab4 (luckily).

Thank you. I have jupyter lab version 3.5.3 installed. I’ll try to see how I can upgrade to version 4.

“conda update --all”, installed version 4 and this has fixed the problem. Thank you.