Spinning spinning :-)

Hi all!

I have a binder that spins endlessly during its build. I left it overnight just to be sure it never completes… it doesn’t. It has completed in the past! Just not now.

there are no build logs at all. Entirely blank.




If you have an adblocker, please disable it. Usually that’s the culprit for “endless spinning with no logs”.

Edit: your repo just built and launched fine for me on my phone.

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Interesting! good to know!

I still was not able to get it to work, even after switching off the ad blocker, but your comment did cause me to try in a different browser, and it was just fine there!

So… problem solved (at least, in part!)




Hi Mark,

Which browser was having an issue with spinning?

I’m glad you got it working :smiley:

Yes, it would be interesting to know which browser was originally problematic?
Because in addition to the issue with ad blockers, described here, as a Binder power user I’ve occasionally (extremely rare) had a build started via Chrome mess up in a such way that although you try to start a new launch process (or reload), you cannot connect to what should otherwise be a successful session launch in Chrome for hours. However, going to another browser it will launch a session on the same computer during those hours. Eventually like a day or so later it will again launch the sessions successfully in Chrome on that computer. This is very rare so no one has been able really track it down. (Or really confirm it even happens.)

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Yes, it was Chrome.

I have had it launch correctly on Chrome in the past (even with ad blockers enabled!) so I don’t think that is the core of the problem in this case.



Would you mind filing an issue about the rare problem? Since it is intermittent, it would be good to have it documented if others bump up to similar behavior.

Now that there seems independent confirmation, that is a good idea, Carol. Filed.

Thank you for filing the issue.