Solved: Markdown-table is not rendered as HTML-table in HTML-export and Reveal.JS slides

In JupyterLab 3.4.7 I’m having trouble with rendering a markdown-table in a HTML or reveal.js export.

The following markdown code:

| Title | Description |
| :-    | :-          |
| Sup   | Hello, World! |

is rendered in JupyterLab itself as

but when exporting the notebook as HTML, the table appears as

| Title | Description | | :- | :- | | Sup | Hello, World! |

The same is happening in a Reveal.JS export.

I’m really lost here and would greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

I just tried in JupyterLab 3.4.8 from a launch here (served via MyBinder) and it worked for the Reveal.Js export well.
Had it worked before for you?

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Hi @fomightez , thank you very much for your feedback! I can confirm that the table is working in Reveal.JS exactly as it should on your demo instance from MyBinder.

However, it seems this instance is running Jupyter Notebook 6.4.12:

while I’m running the official jupyterlab docker image Docker Hub

What’s your suggestion on usage of JupyterLab? Would you suggest to stick with Jupyter Notebooks for now and switch to JupyterLab at a later point in time?

Hi @fomightez after an update to JupyterLab 3.5.0, it is now working :smiley:

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Sorry for the confusion. So you know for future comparisons. Even if the session starts out in the classic interface, for typical MyBinder sessions you can switch over to JupyterLab by clicking the Jupyter logo in the upper left side above the notebook, or change the end of the URL when you know the patterns. Of course, pressing the logo is easier.
I had switched over to JupyterLab to try. That is why I could tell you what version was running.

It’s not just one way. In MyBinder sessions, you typically can go back from JupyterLab by selecting classic under Help.

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