Misterious md notebook rendering

Hello. I have a Jupyter project with a few notebooks, suddenly I realized that one of the notebooks was being rendered as markdown in real time, which is a feature that I like because I use obsidian either and I can see the notebooks from there, but I cannot replicate the condition for the other notebooks. Any idea on the steps to extend the mysterious behavior?

Thanks in advanced

Does it only work on your machine? Can you upload it to a JupyterLab session you get by pressing 'Launch Binder from here? Once the session starts up and you see the JupyterLab interface, you can upload the file from your local computer to the temporary session by dragging and dropping into the file navigator panel on the left.

Usually screenshots are discouraged but they may help here? Can you copy and change the content to something you can share and take an image of it, including the URL address in the image if possible? (‘Lorem ipsum’ text as a placeholder for the markdown may work, see here for example). And compare to something with similar content and cells in another notebook that is rendering normal? And maybe if copying it and making new content that you don’t care about sharing, maybe you can cut it down and see if that still works and share the notebook code via Github’s gist site?

Does the code work to run in the notebook?

I just discovered what happened. From the command pallette (Shift + Ctr+C) some options are available to pair notebooks with other format: Pair notebook with …, in this case was markdown. The responsible for this is this extension:

GitHub - mwouts/jupytext: Jupyter Notebooks as Markdown Documents, Julia, Python or R scripts.

Thanks for the reply anyways

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