Markdown Preview for JupyterHub?

I had a question in trying to bring in a similar function from JupyterLab to JupyterHub.

Feature in Lab → Preview or display of Markdown files

function that I have not been able to find → Hub any display other than an editor or in a notebook as a markdown cell.

Is there anything that lets me display a .md file as a Markdown / static html page with JupyterHub? Is my best bet to use a Markdown cell in a notebook?

Thanks in advance!

JupyterHub doesn’t control any of the UI once users are running in their environments. It launches either JupyterLab or classic notebook, so it is the same for JupyterLab, whether run inside or outside JupyterHub. If you want to make sure JupyterHub launches with JupyterLab, you can set config:

c.Spawner.cmd = ["jupyter-labhub"]

If you are using JupyterHub >= 2.0, this is the default behavior.