singleuser.extraFiles not working

I am trying to use singleuser.extraFiles to run some python code on user’s notebook pod startup that uses secret. But I don’t see this code being executed at all. Here is config snippet that I don’t see being executed. Is that feature supported in Binderhub? I am using Binderhub Helm chart version 0.2.0-n523.h854be18 . Can anyone advise?

mountPath: /usr/local/etc/jupyterhub/jupyterhub_config.d/
stringData: |
with open("/tmp/created-by-extra-files-single-user.txt", “w”) as f:
f.write(“hello world!”)

BinderHub uses the last release of Z2JH

The functionality you want is in the development version of Z2JH.

Thanks for the reply. Really appreciate it. I was really struggling to figure out why it is not working. Are there any timelines on making it generally available in Binderhub?

The BinderHub dependency normally gets bumped when there’s a Z2JH release.
In the meantime you can clone the BinderHub helm chart locally and override the jupyterhub chart version.

There’s a Helm feature request to allow dependency versions to be configurable, but unfortunately it’s not yet implemented: