How to configure config.yaml to add files to all users server instance(in container target filesystem)

Dear All,

We have deployed JupyterHub successfully in AKS cluster and persistent volume is mounted to ‘’/home/jovyan’’ which persists only the data written to users home directory.

Currently we are looking for a solution to inject/update some of the files like ‘.condarc’ in /opt/conda and ‘ca files’ to SSL folder. We are really stuck here and looking for a best and easy solution to this.

Is it possible achieve using singleuser.extrafiles or hub.extrafiles and if , yes how the configuration part looks like(it would be great if could explain with some examples). Or do we need to mount volumes?

NOTE: We are not interested in customizing docker image, so any other solutions would be great.

Please help!.

*.extraFiles should work. See the documentation:

there’s some examples in

Mounting volumes should also work.

Hey, many thanks for your response!. Am happy to hear that *.extraFiles works for my scenario.

But i dont understand the configuration(binary and string data…) part under ExtraFiles section. Could you please show/give me the ExtraFiles configuration considering my scenario which is injecting a .condarc file into /opt/conda directory.

NOTE: 1. We have deployed JupyterHub using helm chart.
2. Storage is azure managed disk.

Appreciate your help!!