Showcase: Deploying Panel HighChart Apps on Binder

I am working on a new panel-highcharts package for Jupyter Notebooks and Panel apps.

What I want to showcase here is just how awesome an interactive platform Binder is for example notebooks and Panel apps.

Check out the panel-highcharts examples on Binder

Jupyter Notebook Jupyter Labs Panel Apps
Binder Binder Binder


I got the panel apps served via the jupyterhub/jupyter-server-proxy after a lot of inspiration from holoviz/jupyter-panel-proxy. Even with a custom title and icon for launching the Panel server.

You can find the configuration here panel-highcharts/binder/jupyter-panel-highcharts-server at main · MarcSkovMadsen/panel-highcharts (

Please note the panel-highcharts python package and repository is open source and free to use (MIT License), however Highcharts itself requires a license for commercial use . For more info see the Highcharts license FAQs.

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