Deploy Panel app on mybinder

I created a mybinder repo at This works. Now I want to have a link that directly opens the Panel app, not the whole jupyter notebook, as a standalone page.

Following this page, I appended a segment to my repo’s url: ?urlpath=proxy/5006/panels_github. But it doesn’t work. Could anyone tell me what I did wrong?

Old thread…but I’m now stuck in the same place. Any luck? Is it possible to use Panel + mybinder just like (as easy as) explained in the documentation?

Those docs are perhaps a little misleading, as “deploy a panel app,” isn’t quite as little amount of work as is described there, and their example binder is particularly old.

If the rest of the stack, e.g. binder, jupyterlab and jupyter-server-proxy are all in working condition for interactive use, have another look at especially jupyter_panel_proxy, including this issue: Cannot get this working · Issue #19 · holoviz/jupyter-panel-proxy · GitHub where, aside from a broken icon, appears to be working.

Indeed, the docs seem to imply that this is voilà-easy but it doesn’t look like it. Anyway, thanks for the pointer!!