Jupyter-server-proxy Gallery?

I’ve just been scrabbling around my machine looking to see if I’d previously wrapped the Tabula PDF scraper using jupyter-server-proxy to provide a proxied, Binderised, notebook launchy way of running Tabula (if I have, I can’t find it right now!) and it made me wonder whether there’s an official unofficial list of jupyter-server-proxy extensions, cf:

jupyter-server-proxy derived packages (hmm… thinks… is there a Github template repo for bootstrapping a new one yet?) provides yet another way of extending Jupyter based environments, and providing an official unofficial (sic) shelf to take them off could make life easier when it comes to discovering them?

Thinks: the examples should also be Binderised with binder/ configs that also show how to install the packages to be proxied… I have a couple of examples: OpenRefine (originally h/t @betatim) and Postgres+pgadmin (originally h/t @manics)).

Anyone know if such a list already exists anywhere? Or anyone got other examples to share here?

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I don’t know of a list :frowning:

Maybe we can encourage a list via a topic. For Binder-compatible-repos and Bindner-related-repos etc people seem to have started using https://github.com/topics/binder Maybe a sub-topic (…) like binder-server-proxy or even jupyter-server-proxy is a good place to start.

I agree tagging could be one way to go (using jupyter-server-proxy) in this forum, but I don’t have permissions / trust level to create tags…

Was thinking of adding those tags directly to the GitHub repos (for which we need to ask the owners of each repo but a lot of those are in this thread). Then https://github.com/topics/jupyter-server-proxy would be our list.


@betatim @psychemedia added jupyter-pgweb-proxy to the topic list.


Just opened https://github.com/jupyterhub/jupyter-server-proxy/pull/214 to add an Examples section to the docs and mention the jupyter-server-proxy GitHub topic.


Added jupyter-pluto-proxy to the list. Kudos to the Pluto.jl team for the amazing tool! Sent this PR to update docs too.