Shiny Applications Getting Redirect Errors

Hello, I’m having issues launching Shiny Apps from MyBinder. I keep getting redirect errors.The images are being built fine according to the logs, and I’ve been able to build them using repo2docker without issue. I can change the URL to use RStudio and it works fine and it’s possible to run the Shiny application from RStudio. It’s only happening when trying to get the Shiny application to launch directly from a URL.

It’s happening with my own repository but also with the example shiny repo from binder-examples/r repo. For my own repo, there is a branch that works but any change to it that causes a rebuild causes the error.

I have a local version of BinderHub setup using Minikube and they work as expected when launched from there. I’m probably overlooking something, but I’m at a loss as to what that might be.


Thanks for reporting this. It does indeed seem to be broken.

I posted a PR that I think will fix this

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Shiny is working now. Thanks for fast response.