Help spinning up a shiny app


I am having trouble getting Binder to work with a shiny app of mine, the repo is

Opening it in with R Studio and running the app manually works fine:

However, opening it directly in shiny does not work

500 : Internal Server Error
The error was:
could not start shiny in time

what am I missing?



Hmmmm - have you modeled your repo after the Binder Examples repo from R?

I believe that this one has a working example of Shiny, just checking if you’ve seen it

well, I thought I did. There does not seem to be much to do except appending ?urlpath=shiny/ to the binder link, right?

Hmmm, I wonder if this means that there’s some kind of timeout error for Shiny. Could you open an issue in jupyter/repo2docker with this error? I wonder if we need to bump up a configuration value somewhere…

There are a number of differences with your attempt and the example.
The example uses installation of shinydashboard and as discussed here the example uses the two-file approach for shiny apps where you need a server.R and ui.R file in a directory.

Before opening an issue I’d run the repo locally with and take a look at the logs to see what you can see. This will also be the first question asked on the repo2docker issue tracker :wink:

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