Save as or duplicate notebook workflow with Binder examples

Hi all,

We are providing Jupyter Notebook examples for developing algorithmic trading strategies in Python. Notebooks are for both educational and professional purposes. MyBinder is working for us wonderfully, allow anyone to click a documentation page open, tune the code and run it themselves. The main benefit of Binder for us is having Python environment set up automated - installing packages and some git master dependencies that might be cumbersome for a newcomers on a command line. For us, especially Google Colab’s limitation of having too old Python version is a showstopper on their side.

As a next step, we would like to make it possible for users to save their work after opening a template notebook and editing it. As far as I understand, Binder environments, including notebooks, cannot be saved - though this was no clear from the documentation.

We can instruct people to Download notebooks from Binder instances.

  • But what is the lowest friction way to get the Binder environment to run in a professional set up, so that users can save and edit their work on a cloud without it being lost?
  • What kind of commercial workflows we could have so that we could still utilise Binder’s easiness, but still make users to be able register and save their work in cloud?
  • Google Colab offers save to Google Drive - are there any similar workflows for Binder?

Some options for loading example notebooks:

For the rest: probably consider running your own binderhub, with integrated auth. You can brand it all you like, but mostly, as a commercial concern, you can pay for it and get a QoS guarantee. Free (as in beer) services can be turned off at any point, and “algorithmic trading” might be indistiguishable from “crypto mining” to an undiscerning abuse detection system.


In addition to the above, if you’re comfortable with how to deploy a standard BinderHub and are happy to try a more advanced deployment have a look at

which includes persistent volumes for each user.


Thank you. Binderhub with auth seems to be a good option for us in long term :pray: