Removal of the legacy buildpack

Hello all,

as of now we have removed the “legacy build pack” from repo2docker and consequently from

This means if your repository is using a Dockerfile with FROM andrewosh/binder-base in it your repository will no longer build on

If you don’t have a Dockerfile like that nothing has changed :D.

The reasoning for removing support of this old build pack is that it uses (by definition) very old software versions and keeping them working was a large maintenance burden. The current inception of the legacy buildpack stopped working at some point during December 2019. Attempts to repair it since then didn’t succeed (despite amazing support from the conda developers for our very byzantine setup!!). In addition we received no complaints about it being broken from people using This suggests there are very very few active users out there.

Reducing the hours (and sometimes days) spent debugging packaging problems from yesteryear means we have more time to build new features and maintain the more modern approaches to packaging. We hope this also makes sense to our users.

How do I fix my repository?

To get your repository building again if it is effected by this we recommend that you look at the options we have for configuring the environment in which your code runs.

Please also do post here with your questions, links to your repo and what you have tried. Happy to help out.