Qt and JupyterLab

Will there be (i.e. is this something in the dev road map) or is there a way to open Qt applications when connecting to a Jupyterlab (or JupyterHub) which is not in the local machine of the user?

Presumably you could use something like jupyter-desktop-server to do a VNC session.


Yup, I think that is a good canonical answer. We’re using that quite nicely with one of our research hubs precisely to use Qt tools like QGIS in an AWS-hosted setup. JupyterLab can do a lot, but there are legitimate reasons to want to have “regular” desktop apps in the cloud. (Well, technically, we’re using jupyter-remote-desktop-proxy, which is the parent repo to @yuvipanda’s desktop-server).

@JoaoPCBertoldo, you can see here the Dockerfile that we use to configure the hub I’m referring to, in case it’s useful.


@fperez thanks for the alley-oop and link fix and, crucially, the Real World Example!

Another, relatively new option is jupyter-rfb (binder, pip, conda-forge), which puts bidrectional framebuffers into the ipywidgets ecosystem. This could be interesting if you have some “behind-the-curtain” stuff which controls something not covered by the heavyweight UI (e.g. network junk) and/or you want to do something else at the same time… though the vnc approach is probably more all-encompassing.