JupyterHub + GUI applications


A jupyterHub has recently been installed in my institute in a (remote) Linux server.
We have developped some applications in python using tkinter, Pyside or Qt that we would like to share in the frame of the JupyterHub.
But as you probably already know, these kind of applications cannot be used in a remote server through jupyterHub.

I heard about JupyterLab capabilities. So my question is :
If I make a JupyterHub + JupyterLab install, does my ‘tkinter’ or ‘qt’ appli could be run with GUI in my remote server through JupyterLab windows ?
If not, is there a solution ? (which doesn’t consist in repogramming all the appli with ipywidget :wink: )

Thank you for your answers


It’s possible to run a VNC server inside Jupyter, see for example https://github.com/yuvipanda/jupyter-desktop-server/


thank you @manics for your answer.
My technical support and I will study the feasibility of your proposal in our system

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